From Start to Finish…….. offering clients a complete end to end service, we excel in providing consistently high levels of service from inception to completion
North East Stationery are a company with a fresh and dynamic approach to high end design installations we combine product expertise and experience with a wealth of prestigious contacts.

Taking care of every aspect, from initial design proposals, furnishings and installation through to signage and after sales care, we pride ourselves on offering a service that’s professional and closely matches a client’s needs.

Our 9 Point Plan for Success

We’re a design-led business at heart. From creating ultra-efficient workspaces right through to the smallest detail on the furniture we specify, our expertise lies in providing high calibre design that enhances the working experience and succeeds on every level.
We offer an extensive range of products for today’s market and continuously strive to anticipate the future needs of our customers by sourcing innovative new products for tomorrow’s market.

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